The water crisis in the world is a serious issue!
More than 2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean and safe water, or they incur significant effort and cost to obtain it. This tension and shortage are growing, and finding simple, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that conserve water consumption is the shortest path to addressing this immense challenge.

A sustainable solution for water conservation 
A lot of money and energy is spent to deliver purified and clean water in the large distribution network to homes and public buildings for sanitary purposes, including bathing, cooking, washing and toilets. Approximately one-third of daily household water use, whether in personal homes, hotels, or recreational facilities, is consumed through bathing, presenting a significant potential for conservation. This consumption doesn't just involve water but also the considerable energy used to provide hot water and pump it, making it equally important.

A sustainable solution for water and, consequently, energy conservation in showers is the use of simple yet highly creative technology called Eco Water Turbines. By installing these turbines easily between the showerhead and the water supply, they can save up to 50% of water and energy used for heating and pumping.

The Eco Water Turbine 

The Eco Water Turbine is a new, innovative technology that, through its powerful rotation, blends air and water without compromising the comfort of the shower, reducing water and energy consumption by up to 50%. With the constriction of the diameter, water accelerates, creating negative pressure that adds air through venturi effect, enriching it with water. This increases volume through the mixture of air and water.

Previously, there were conventional showerheads that saved water, but their major drawback was a reduction in the shower's comfort due to reduced water flow and the need to replace showerhead components, resulting in waste. With the Eco Water Turbine, you require less water (hot water) for each shower, resulting in energy savings, reduced drinking water costs, and lower sewage costs. A household of three can save around 180 euros per year, and a commercial hotel with 100 rooms can save approximately 12,000 euros annually. This small investment will pay off in just three months.

Other benefits of the Eco Water Turbine include:

  • Hygienic Benefits: It prevents the buildup of biofilm (Legionella) and scale in pipes and showerheads due to the intense water turbulence it creates.
  • Oxygen Enrichment: The high oxygen content in the water can prevent hypoxia in elderly individuals, children, and individuals with disabilities during showering.
  • Massaging Effect: Oxygen-rich water leaving the nozzles has a massaging effect on the skin.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Lower energy consumption means fewer carbon emissions. With Eco Water Turbines, a family of four can save about 400 KGs of CO2 per year, and a commercial hotel with about 100 rooms can save around 28,000 KGs of CO2 per year.
  • Proven and Certified: You are using a proven and certified system.
  • Easy Testing: You can easily test its effectiveness.

Investing in eco-friendly water-saving solutions like the Eco Water Turbine not only has economic benefits but also provides significant health, environmental, and social advantages.