We create clean water 

What makes us different?

Desalt technology is a knowledge-based group founded by a group of innovative and experienced professionals in water purification, filtration, and separation technologies. Due to the dynamic nature of environmental water and the many needs in its use, water treatment has become increasingly complex and diverse. However, membranes in water treatment are an essential part of any water treatment process. We specialize in developing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes for a wide range of industrial applications.
As a licensed research center in different countries, Desalt manufactures its products with full supervision and compliance with international standards.
Desalt products are used in various industries, including chemical and petrochemical industries, power generation, municipal, food and beverage, oil and gas, brackish water purification, and seawater desalination industries.
Desalt offers unique polymer RO membranes, each with its own performance specifications and configurations to best serve a specific application. Our experts with long experience help our customers to choose the most effective membrane products.
We are the provider of the registered Desalt brand worldwide.


Clean Water for All 

The growing need for clean water due to climate change and population growth increases the importance of the reverse osmosis membrane filter industry every day. We are specialists in the production of membrane filters for seawater and high-concentration brackish water. We offer our specialized products according to the customer's needs and the type of industry.

What sets us apart from others is our focus on applying the highest standards in designing and manufacturing reverse osmosis filters. In our laboratories, we have a special bias in improving the performance of our products periodically. Using the latest technologies and know-how has brought quality products to our customers worldwide.